Classical Incarnations + MOMS!

Classical Incarnations at the Hof featuring *MIGHTY MUSIC MOMS


Variations on “Ah vous dirai-he Maman?” (Shall I tell you, Mom?) – 18thcent. French

 Chris Johnston and Raphael Seligmann, Violins


“Gran Tonante”

From MINERVA – G.F. Händel, original recitative by Niccolo Seligmann

 *Gabrielle Maes, Soprano

Chris Johnston and Raphael Seligmann, Violins

Niccolo Seligmann, Viola da Gamba; Ryan Tibbetts, Harpsichord


“Mouse’s Morning Rounds” – Bruce Frostick

Bruce Frostick, Piano

from Dvorak Violin Sonata Op. 100

Movements annonced from the stage


*Violaine Michel, Violin; Daniel Stipe, Piano


Siciliano in g minor – Johann Sebastian Bach

Ave Maria – Bach/Gounod


*Michelle Matts, Flute; Andrew McEvoy, Guitar


*Sarah Kate Walston, Soprano

 Daniel Stipe, Piano

Selections TBA