"This Mortal Frame" Music of Steven Snowden

March 28, 2019 @ 7:30pm

Looner Eclipse (2015) —————————— Group of Humans

Appalachian Polaroids (2012) ————————— String Quartet

Photographs by Shelby Lee Adams

Bird Catching From Above (2016)————————String Quartet

1. Coming Into Focus

2. Like Slowly Shifting Tides

3. Serpentine

4. Translucent, Gossamer

~ Short Pause ~

Take This Hammer (2013)———————————String Quartet

Land of the Living (2012)———————— Cactus and electronics

This Mortal Frame*(2019) ———————— Cello and electronics

1. Samuel A. Smith Residence

2. The Crossing at Aquia Creek

3. 2nd and Pennsylvania Ave.

4. Vigilance Committee Office


Ellen Cockerham Riccio and Matt Richardson - violins Lauren Nelson - viola, Schuyler Slack - cello

*The commission and premiere performance of This Mortal Frame have been made possible by a grant from the Allan and Margot Blank Foundation.