Pairs: "Echoes of Inisfree," Ayreheart and Paul Willson

9-22-2018 6:30-9pm

Blue Bee Cider

Paul Willson and Friends, 7pm

Selections from the album “I Made Friends With A Dragon,” and other Irish traditional music:

REELS: Sliver Spear/Mullin's Fancy

Song: Lowlands Of Holland (Key of D) - Traditional

Song: Cunla (Key of D) - Traditional

JIGS: Humours of Ballyloughlin/Coppers and Brass

Song: Oh, Sister - Traditional 

REELS: Maids of Mt. Cisco/Boys of Malin

Song- Wild Mountain Thyme (Key of D) - Traditional

Pipe Tune: O'Carolan's Concerto

Song- Jock O'Hazeldean (D)

REELS: Tempest/Maids Of Castlebar

Song- I Made Friends With A Dragon (D) Original 
Tunes: I made Friends with a dragon(Original/Nell Fee's (Trad.)

Song- Rain In the Desert (G) - Original

SLIDES: Star Above The Garter/Rathawaun/Merrily Kissed The Quaker

Matthew O'Donnell-

tenor guitar, fiddle, bodhran, tin whistle, vocals

Stewart Pittman-

Uillean Pipes, bodhran, tin whistle, bones 

Paul Willson-

Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle

Ayreheart, 8pm

Selections to be chosen from:

Pastime with Good Company - King Henry VIII

My Lady Carey’s Domp. - Anon.

The Queen’s Treble - John Johnson

Over the Green Earth - Ronn McFarlane

Grandaddy’s Jig - Ronn McFarlane

Cathedral Cave - Ronn McFarlane

Indigo Road - Ronn McFarlane

Carolan’s Welcome - Turlough O’Carolan

Banish Misfortune - Traditional Irish

The Battle of Harlow - Trad. Scottish

Pipe on the Hob - Trad. Irish

The Cliffs of Moher - Trad. Irish

Hey My Nanny - Trad. Scottish

Guzzle Together - Trad. Scottish

Clear Creek - Ronn McFarlane

Augusta - Ronn McFarlane

Snapdragon - Ronn McFarlane

Ronn McFarlane, Lutenist

Willard Morris,

Collascione, Fretless Bass, Electric Violin, Mandolin

Mattias Rucht

Frame Drum, Cajón, Udu and aux. percussion