Classical Incarnations @ The Hof, 8 p.m.

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, I. Allegro - Mozart, trans. Singer (5)
Sharon Berg, piano

Fêtes galantes, Series I - Debussy
En sourdine

En sourdine by Paul Verlaine
Translation copyright © by Emily Ezust, from the LiederNet Archive -- 
Calm in the half-day
That the high branches make,
Let us soak well our love
In this profound silence.

Let us mingle our souls, our hearts
And our ecstatic senses
Among the vague langours
Of the pines and the bushes.

Close your eyes halfway,
Cross your arms on your breast,
And from your sleeping heart
Chase away forever all plans.

Let us abandon ourselves
To the breeze, rocking and soft,
Which comes to your feet to wrinkle
The waves of auburn lawns.

And when, solemnly, the evening
From the black oaks falls,
The voice of our despair,
The nightingale, will sing.


Fantôches by Paul Verlaine
Translation copyright © 2007 by Laura Claycomb and Peter Grunberg

Scaramouche and Pulcinella, 
brought together by some evil scheme
gesticulate, black beneath the moon.

Meanwhile, the learned doctor
from Bologna slowly gathers
medicinal herbs in the brown grass.

Then his sassy-faced daughter
sneaks underneath the arbor
half-naked, in quest

Of her handsome Spanish pirate,
whose distress a languorous nightingale
deafeningly proclaims.

Clair de lune

Clair de lune by Paul Verlaine
Translation copyright © 2000 by Peter Low
Your soul is a chosen landscape
charmed by masquers and revellers
playing the lute and dancing and almost
sad beneath their fanciful disguises!

Even while singing, in a minor key,
of victorious love and fortunate living
they do not seem to believe in their happiness,
and their song mingles with the moonlight,

the calm moonlight, sad and beautiful,
which sets the birds in the trees dreaming,
and makes the fountains sob with ecstasy,
the tall slender fountains among the marble statues!

4 Lieder, Op. 36 - Richard Strauss (11)

Das Rosenband

In spring shade I found her, 
and bound her with rosy ribbons: 
she did not feel it, 
and slumbered on. 
 I looked at her; 
my life hung with that gaze on her life: 
I felt it well, 
but knew it not. 
 But I whispered wordlesly to her
and rustled the rosy ribbons. 
Then she awoke from her slumber. 
 She looked at me; 
her life hung with this gaze on my life: 
and around us it became Elysium.

Stephanie Auld, soprano; David Robbins, piano

Passacaglia in G minor - Biber (10)
Becca Longhenry, violin

Prelude and Motet - Robert Andrew Scott (15)
Brandon Simmons, flute; Gary White, recorder; Caleb Paxton, viola

- Intermission -

TBA (8)
Matthew Gold, bass; Daniel Stipe, piano

Three Tangos - Piazzolla (10)
Alanna North, violin; Michael Knowles, cello

Niccolo Seligmann, viola da gamba


Prelude in D minor - Bach
Prelude No. 1 - Villa-Lobos (7)

John Cruz, guitar

Helen All Alone - Ian Richardson
Men Improve with the Years - Ian Richardson (10)

Ian Richardson, bass-baritone; Daniel Stipe, piano