A Letter from the Director

Andrew McEvoy, Executive and Artistic Director, Classical Revolution RVA

Andrew McEvoy, Executive and Artistic Director, Classical Revolution RVA

"The Last Rose of Summer," a piece from the closing set of last week's Incarnations, struck me today. I realized my old rose bush had finally gone to sleep for the year while the late gleam of ripe tomato bloomed valiantly from the vine nearby.

It's been a damn fine season. I want to thank you for your ongoing support in deed, word, or spirit. The thrill of seeing so many passionate musicians and fans sharing their love of classical music is a reward beyond words. Our attendance over the last 3 months surpassed Mozart Fest 2019. I'm so grateful to the talented musicians and community partners who made that happen.


Our monthly Incarnations series and its many wonderful volunteer performers gave classical music fans reason to rejoice through the summer time. Their passion and skill is the beating heart of our mission.

In June, The St. Edward Chorale and Virginia Museum of Fine Arts helped us kick off the summer in style with an all-french program for chorus and orchestra. In July, The Wintergreen Music Festival brought us the fabulous Dior Quartet, who performed a stunning program. And in August, STAVNA Ballet joined us for an unforgettable performance of Vivaldi’s “Summer” concerto.

All of this was offered for free, because we think you deserve it.

Classical Rev also received two grants that will help shape our future as an organization:

CultureWorks Richmond has come through for Classical Rev in two ways:

They've given us a home base for artistic operations at Orbital Music Park, and they've connected us exponentially with the local non-profit community. After a web release last week, four Classical Rev musicians have already made use of Orbital Music Park, and all the musicians said they were excited by both the quality and friendly vibe of the facility.

The Allan and Margot Blank Foundation has begun directly supporting the operations of Classical Revolution RVA and also allowed us to take a more active role in creating and presenting new works by local composers. I have had several meetings with creative musicians, and have faith that these nascent visions will come to life in a fashion that could only belong to this city.

The Revolution is ALIVE

When I reflect on my years with Classical Revolution RVA, and these late 15 months as its leader, I feel at once honored, ecstatic, nostalgic, and unsatisfied.

When I settled in Richmond for the second time, after a quixotic episode of intense musical study, I hoped that I could simply survive and be good to a few loved ones and old friends. I did not expect my errant heart to open to wild musical adventure. Perhaps not ever again.

But then it did, and this time, I was not alone.

We played to find each other and ourselves. We played while the cooks slung jive and threw plates. We drank with the cooks. We kept playing while the people in venues across the city stopped, listened, then joined our movement.

We played as if the act could slay the devil.

We sat together and changed the rules more purposefully. We made a place where you can play, too. Not that it's so easy to do, but if you put your heart and soul into an instrument you will be rewarded with love.

Classical Revolution RVA exists because of the desire for fresh ideas and new artistic challenges. There are so many pathways yet unexplored; spaces unadorned by the beauty of our art form; most importantly, there are people who never knew that classical music could touch their lives.

Stay tuned to your email, this website, social media, your best friends, or however you hear about our activities. Make sure your people know about us. All are welcome. 2019-2020 is going to be incredible.