New Membership at Orbital Music Park!


Classical Revolution RVA performers are now members at Orbital Music Park.

OMP is a fantastic, inclusive new music making space near Scott’s Addition.

If you’ve ever volunteered a performance to Classical Revolution RVA, the space is yours to use.


Orbital has a lounge; 2 large, climate controlled, soundproof pods; and a performance space. There are acoustic pianos both onstage and in one of the pods. Classical Rev has a limited, but ample number of credits as part of our “Cosmic” membership, available while they last.

Ways to use the space:


No reservation required. Simply use the common area to socialize with other musicians, send emails, work on arrangements, take in an impromptu performance on the nearby stage, jam out on any of the numerous available instruments, and so on…


Reserve time and space with the link above - we will confirm your reservation.

Not enough room at home for your quintet? Is your evening trumpet practice getting to your neighbors? Need a fresh perspective from a warm-sounding room? Come play!


Reservation required. Orbital can make a clean stereo recording of your pod session and give you a mix down at the end of the session, no fuss. You can also bring your own A/V equipment. Create reference recordings, audition tapes, demo videos, rough takes for professional editing, and so on.


Reserve the performance area for your next grassroots showcase, a recital for your students, a Tuvan throat-singing group session… (almost) anything goes!

Orbital Music Park and Classical Revolution RVA are committed to providing a respectful and creative space. Members are expected to abide by a code of conduct, which can be summed up in the following sentence:

“Always be cool (and good) with each other.”

All of us at Classical Rev are so grateful for your support. Play on!