Tickets available for Trey Pollard's "Antiphone" Release!

Tuesday, November 13th Tickets Available Here

“[Antiphone] promises to provide the clearest line of sight yet into one of this city's most brilliant musical minds.” - The Auricular

Classical Revolution RVA is proud to partner with Spacebomb Records and RVA music visionary Trey Pollard.

Worlds Collide as two beloved Spacebomb artists present the music of their inner selves.

Both Trey Pollard and Matthew E. White possess a sensitive and carefully developed musical voice, though they have chosen to express it through different genres.

Indie songsmith Matthew E. White will perform an intimate solo set with vocals and piano, later joined by a string quintet comprised of the musicians of Classical Revolution RVA.

The evening will continue with new compositions from Pollard's new album "Antiphone," performed live for the very first time by string quintet.

Pollard's Preludes and Fugues for string quintet create musical dreamscapes both comforting and challenging - a series of parallel harmonic planes, constellations of notes unburdened by the tension of standard chordal and melodic structures.

Never straying into the brashness of avant-garde, this is music for listening - made right here in RVA.