Featured Programs for 2018

Thanks to your generous donations during our Birthday Week celebration, we have an exciting line up of events planned for 2018. Here are some highlights, but additional details will be coming throughout the year.


Schuyler Slack, cello and Ieva Jokubaviciute, piano at Candela Gallery
Schuyler and Ieva will perform the world premiere of Douglas Boyce’s Perpetuo Stretto, as well as works by Beethoven, Brahms, and Kodály.


A cross-pollination of genres, the Pairs series presents classical music alongside another style altogether. This guitar-centered evening will feature a live performance of Andrew McEvoy's new album "Parlor Tricks," and a set of gypsy jazz presented by Django Tango.

Classical Incarnations
Our longest running series, this classical variety show features musicians performing solos, duos, trios, and other chamber music in a bar.


March Mindfulness
At noon on every Wednesday in March, a solo musician performs works by J.S. Bach in a downtown art gallery to an audience whose minds have been quieted with a guided meditation.


The 5th Annual Mozart Festival
This day-long festival celebrates the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by bringing live performances of his symphonies, operas, and chamber music into Richmond’s bars, restaurants and galleries.


Classical Incarnations

Haydn Where You Least Expect It
This series brings the music of Franz Joseph Haydn to unexpected places.  Listeners are drawn into the music through thoughtful cider pairings, personal stories from the performers, or insight into the composition itself.


Classical Incarnations

Arvo Pärt’s Berlin Mass for full orchestra and chorus


Classical Incarnations



A Taste of China
This immersive concert experience will transport the audience to another culture through traditional and contemporary sounds and flavors of China.

Classical Incarnations


Bar Talk
A university professor delivers an engaging talk on a subject followed by a musical performance, which illustrates points made during the presentation.

Classical Incarnations


Haydn Where You Least Expect It

Classical Incarnations


Classical Incarnations

Corporate and individual sponsorships are available. Please contact us for more details!