Tickets available for Trey Pollard's "Antiphone" Release!

Tuesday, November 13th Tickets Available Here

“[Antiphone] promises to provide the clearest line of sight yet into one of this city's most brilliant musical minds.” - The Auricular

Classical Revolution RVA is proud to partner with Spacebomb Records and RVA music visionary Trey Pollard.

Worlds Collide as two beloved Spacebomb artists present the music of their inner selves.

Both Trey Pollard and Matthew E. White possess a sensitive and carefully developed musical voice, though they have chosen to express it through different genres.

Indie songsmith Matthew E. White will perform an intimate solo set with vocals and piano, later joined by a string quintet comprised of the musicians of Classical Revolution RVA.

The evening will continue with new compositions from Pollard's new album "Antiphone," performed live for the very first time by string quintet.

Pollard's Preludes and Fugues for string quintet create musical dreamscapes both comforting and challenging - a series of parallel harmonic planes, constellations of notes unburdened by the tension of standard chordal and melodic structures.

Never straying into the brashness of avant-garde, this is music for listening - made right here in RVA.


Meet Bernie!!



Bernie is a real piano who needs love from CRRVA musicians at the Hof!

Meet Bernie! He is a 2002 Bernhard Steiner upright piano. He traveled from Stafford VA and now lives in the Loft at the Hofheimer Building! This generous donation from Holt For Homes Realty will allow Classical Revolution RVA's musicians to perform on a well-maintained acoustic piano. Daniel Stipe gave Bernie a tune-up this afternoon, and he is ready to shine this Sunday at Incarnations!

We are so excited to give our wonderful pianists an upgrade for all future performances at the Hof. Long live the Revolution! 

A Letter from Ellen

After more than five years at the helm, Founder and Executive Director Ellen Cockerham Riccio makes an announcement. 

Dear Friends,


When I first moved to Richmond in 2009 to join the Richmond Symphony, I was determined to keep my schedule light. I turned down gigs and referred inquiring students elsewhere. I wanted to leave space in my life for a big passion project, a labor of love, something into which I could pour my heart and soul. I had no idea what this project might be, but I wanted to be available when it presented itself, so I spent my spare time cooking, gardening, writing, and exploring this beautiful city.


Then, in the fall of 2012, it suddenly became clear: my work was to bring classical music out of the concert hall and into bars, making it approachable, ubiquitous, and hip. My gut told me that Richmond was ripe for this kind of thing, but I couldn’t have predicted that Classical Revolution RVA would be such a slam dunk. A few months in, our venues were packed and audiences were clamouring for more. The number of musicians involved seemed to grow exponentially. Soon, we became one of the most active chapters of Classical Revolution in the world, producing 20-30 distinct events every year.


Due in no small part to these efforts, classical music has found its way into everyday life in Richmond. Festivals are beginning to include classical music in their lineups. Musicians are self-organizing performances in bars and galleries. Bands are collaborating with classical musicians. The Richmond Symphony performs at Hardywood several times a year. Hundreds of people flock to an annual festival celebrating Mozart. I am so proud of the role Classical Revolution RVA has played in this cultural shift. In a sense, I feel like my work is done.


At the same time, Classical Revolution RVA has the potential to make classical music even more visible, celebrated, and valued than it is now. In order to make a bigger impact, however, the organization will need to grow in terms of operational and financial support. Taking the organization to that level will require an amount time and energy that I do not currently possess. Once again, it is clear to me what I need to do. At the end of this month, I will be stepping down from my position as Executive Director.


Effective May 1st, my shoes will be filled by Andrew McEvoy. Andrew has been a part of Classical Revolution RVA from the beginning, and he is passionate about the mission of the organization. I have no doubt that he will do a fantastic job, supported by the board of directors.


Many people have told me that their lives have been enriched by the the work of Classical Revolution RVA, but I am quite sure that no one’s life has been more positively impacted than my own. My eyes have been opened to the level of talent and generosity that exists in this town. I have met some of my best friends and forged some of the most meaningful collaborations through this organization. I’ve been floored by the goodwill that seems to permeate all of our events. Founding Classical Revolution RVA has made Richmond my home, and all of you, my family. Thank you for being so darn cool.



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Featured Programs for 2018

Thanks to your generous donations during our Birthday Week celebration, we have an exciting line up of events planned for 2018. Here are some highlights, but additional details will be coming throughout the year.


Schuyler Slack, cello and Ieva Jokubaviciute, piano at Candela Gallery
Schuyler and Ieva will perform the world premiere of Douglas Boyce’s Perpetuo Stretto, as well as works by Beethoven, Brahms, and Kodály.


A cross-pollination of genres, the Pairs series presents classical music alongside another style altogether. This guitar-centered evening will feature a live performance of Andrew McEvoy's new album "Parlor Tricks," and a set of gypsy jazz presented by Django Tango.

Classical Incarnations
Our longest running series, this classical variety show features musicians performing solos, duos, trios, and other chamber music in a bar.


March Mindfulness
At noon on every Wednesday in March, a solo musician performs works by J.S. Bach in a downtown art gallery to an audience whose minds have been quieted with a guided meditation.


The 5th Annual Mozart Festival
This day-long festival celebrates the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by bringing live performances of his symphonies, operas, and chamber music into Richmond’s bars, restaurants and galleries.


Classical Incarnations

Haydn Where You Least Expect It
This series brings the music of Franz Joseph Haydn to unexpected places.  Listeners are drawn into the music through thoughtful cider pairings, personal stories from the performers, or insight into the composition itself.


Classical Incarnations

Arvo Pärt’s Berlin Mass for full orchestra and chorus


Classical Incarnations



A Taste of China
This immersive concert experience will transport the audience to another culture through traditional and contemporary sounds and flavors of China.

Classical Incarnations


Bar Talk
A university professor delivers an engaging talk on a subject followed by a musical performance, which illustrates points made during the presentation.

Classical Incarnations


Haydn Where You Least Expect It

Classical Incarnations


Classical Incarnations

Corporate and individual sponsorships are available. Please contact us for more details!