Our Philosophy

Classical music is universal.  It is bigger than the elitist culture that has grown around it over the last hundred years.  It has the power to speak to anyone, regardless of age, background, or bank account; it can quiet a racing mind, comfort a lonely soul, or move a body to dance.  Its appeal is broad, but its reach is limited.  That’s where we come in.

Our Mission

We want to integrate classical music with Richmond’s vibrant music scene by taking it into local bars, restaurants, cafes, and galleries–places people are already going to hear live music.  Our goal is to increase exposure and let the music speak for itself. We believe that there should be a buzz surrounding classical music, not a stigma.

Our History

Classical Revolution was founded in 2006 at Revolution Cafe in the Mission District of San Francisco.  In November of 2012, Classical Revolution RVA became one of over 30 chapters worldwide.