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March Mindfulness: Yoga + Classical Music

All levels YOGA class with live classical music
Brunch specials to follow the event!
Sunday, March 31st
Doors at 11:00am, Music and Yoga at 11:30am

March Mindfulness combines the beauty of classical music with a heightened sense of awareness using breath and movement. Jessica Scalin will guide Yoga practicers to an oasis of time and space apart from your busy schedule. It’s an opportunity to bring your full attention to the present moment.

Distinguished Cellist Schuyler Slack will perform music by Johann Sebastian Bach during active Yoga practice, and conclude with Steve Snowden's "This Mortal Frame," during a savasana meditation state.

"This Mortal Frame" is a musical odyssey inspired by a Richmond slave's escape to freedom by mailing himself to Philadelphia in a wooden box.

No prior experience with classical music or yoga is required to enter this dreamscape. Please bring comfortable shoes/activewear and a yoga mat.