November 11-18

Join Classical Revolution RVA for an amazing week of performances, and help us raise the funds for another revolutionary year of music making!

The Events:

November 11: Classical Incarnations

november 13: trey Pollard’s “Antiphone” Release with Matthew e. White

November 16: #FlashbachFriday

november 17: “Stretto Perpetuo” live recording with Schuyler and Ieva

november 18: Birthday Bash! Bach Double Violin Concerto and Beethoven 6

Our Goals for 2019:

In addition to our beloved monthly Incarnations series and our quarterly special event offerings like PAIRS, we will use the funds raised during birthday week to create:


Meet up with your fellow musicians and music fans for a quarterly CLASSICAL MUSIC TRIVIA NIGHT AND OPEN MIC!

Come to a bar and show off your knowledge, hear some tuneful experiments and meet kindred musical spirits.


SPOTLIGHT, a new regular recital series, will feature your favorite CRRVA artists giving 1 hour recitals in the non-traditional venues we have come to know and love.

MARCH MINDFULNESS returns, pairing 15 minutes of guided meditation with unaccompanied works of JS Bach.


THE 6TH ANNUAL MOZART FESTIVAL will take place in Scott’s Addition in April 2019, featuring your favorite events like Wolfie Time, Symphonies, Wolfgang 101, Eine Kleine Brunch Musik, and Opera Scenes.